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posted on 04/29/2013

Travelling abroad will be safer and more secure when you have proper insurance coverage. Overseas travel insurance for Indians designed by TATA AIG is one of the best insurance coverage to get financial assistance during medical emergency abroad. The coverage details of TATA AIG travel insurance are below. Refer and choose the plan that can best suit your requirements.

Single Trip Travel Guard Insurance Plan: This policy gives a effective protection for Indian residents who can buy while traveling to a foreign country. There is coverage for pre-existing condition or ailments up to $1500 in case of life threatening situations. There are four plans under this insurance called as;

  1. Silver Plan – US$50,000 Maximum Benefit
  2. Silver Plus Plan – US$ 100,000 Maximum Benefit
  3. Gold Plan – US$250,000 Maximum Benefit
  4. Platinum Plan – US$500,000 Maximum Benefit

Plan Highlights:

Annual Multi Trip InsuranceTravellers who make multiple trips to foreign countries during a year can buy annual multichip travel insurance by TATA AIG. This plan can best satisfy needs of businessmen and professionals or corporate employees traveling abroad multiple times. Each trip duration cannot exceed 30 or 45 days depending on the plan and the plan can be extended or renewed even by travellers above the age of 70. There are two plans under TATA AIG Annual Multi Trip travel insurance;

  1. Gold Plan - $250,000
  2. Platinum Plan - $500,000

Plan Highlights:

How to buy TATA AIG Travel Insurance?

Travelers can take free quotes of TATA AIG travel insurance policy and buy before leaving India. There are different ways to complete the premium payment while buying overseas travel insurance. Some of the modes of premium payment for insurance are;

Credit or Debit card purchase: Those who want to pay the premium cost of TATA AIG travel insurance policy online can use a credit or debit card. Once the premium amount is transacted the insured will receive email copy of travel insurance policy. Online travel insurance purchase using credit/debit card is also called as ‘instant policy purchase’.

Cheque purchase: There are travellers who are used to cheque payment and they can send the cheque by courier to mailing address as mentioned on the online application. The policy document will be issued and emailed after the completion of premium amount transaction.

Did you know?

Traveller outside India: Travel insurance policy has to be bought by travelers before leaving India. In case if the traveller is already outside India and wanting to buy TATA AIG travel insurance then they need special approval from the underwriting team. Our customer support team can assist you to get the approval and buy the policy.

Travel insurance document: Customers buying TATA travel insurance online or by using a cheque will get the policy instantly in their email inbox. The email copy of TATA AIG travel insurance can be printed and used as hard copy by the insured. It is advisable to print and keep travel insurance documents always during overseas travel.

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