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ICICI Lombard have partnered with UnitedHealth Group (leading US-based Health Care provider) to provide quality health care for students, by giving access to its network of hospitals and physicians in United States. Insurance is accepted by most of the foreign universities as a substitute for their compulsory insurance.

Gold Plan Gold Plan covers medical expenses, dental treatment, repatriation of remains etc.,
Deductible of US$ 100. This deductible is applicable on per illness (complete treatment) basis and not on per visit to the doctor / hospital.
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  Bronze Plan This plan covers bail bond, study interruption, sponser protection etc.,
Available for the age between 16 - 35 years
Policy coverage is available for continuous 2 years
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    Plus Plan This plan covers Treatment for mental and nervous disorders, In-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, Medical expenses for inter-collegiate sports injuries, Cancer screening and mammography expenses, Childcare benefits
Policy coverage is available for continuous 2 years
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Coverages Gold Bronze
Medical Cover* US$ 50,000 to 500,000 -
Dental Treatment US$ 250 -
Passport Loss** US$ 200 US$ 200
Checked-in Baggage Loss US$ 1000 US$ 1000
Personal Accident US$ 25,000 US$ 25,000
Personal Liability US$ 100,000 US$ 100,000
Bail Bond US$ 5,000 US$ 5,000
Study Interruption US$ 7,500 US$ 7,500
Sponsor Protection US$ 10,000 US$ 10,000
2 Way Compassionate Visit US$ 7,500 US$ 7,500
Repatriation of remains Up to Medical Sum Insured -

* Deductible of US $ 100 - Applicable for each separate claim
** Deductible of US$ 50 - Applicable for each separate claim

Under ICICI Lombard Student Medical insurance the Plus Plan is an add on plan that can be bought in addition to the Gold or Silver plan. This provides coverage for alcoholism and drug dependency, mental and nervous disorders, in patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, medical expenses for inter collegiate sports injuries, cancer screening and mammography examinations and childcare benefits.

Student medical insurance makes sure that your study and stay abroad is smooth. There are several reasons why a student medical insurance is necessary:

Medical insurance is mandatory for most foreign universities including popular destinations like Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

Majority of universities abroad allow waiver from on-campus health insurance with comparable domestic insurance policies

Available at 1/3rd the university premiums abroad, It covers major medical, repatriation, evacuation, dental expenses, etc. and can be combined with the Plus Plan for additional coverages like medical expenses related to pregnancy, Mental disorders, Cancer screening, Mammography and Sports injuries.

Student Medical Insurance is now available with a continous cover for 2 years, thereby covering your entire period of study without extension hassles. You may also opt for the regular 1 year policy and then extend if required to the second year. You can extend your policy three months in advance of expiry.

There are some documents that are definitely needed, without which a claim will not be paid. We will try and assist you to find surrogate means to get the required proof.