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Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance (Kotak Life Insurance) is a joint venture between Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., its affiliates and Old Motual. Kotak Life Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India.

Kotak Life Insurance has 22 products, with more in the pipeline. The products are designed with the philosophy of providing innovative and pragmatic financial solutions, catering to the various needs of customers.
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Helping you to grow and protect your wealth.

Kotak Loan Protection Plan
Kotak Loan Protection Plan is a protection plan that helps share the burden of your loan.

Kotak Eternal Life Plans
The Kotak Term/Preferred Term Plan is a pure risk cover plan that provides you with a high level of protection at nominal costs.

Kotak Term/Preferred Term Plan
Kotak Eternal Life Plans are participating whole life plans that provide enhanced protection till the golden age of 99.

Manage today for a better tomorrow.

Kotak Single Invest
Life has the ability to surprise you pleasantly with financial windfall and surplus. As an individual, who is aware of his responsibilities and aspirations, it is now up to you to make the best use of it.

Kotak Smart Advantage
Kotak Smart Advantage is an intelligent unit-linked plan that is based upon the idea of regular savings and systematic accumulation of wealth in the long term.

Kotak Flexi Plan
Kotak flexi plan offers you an ideal market-linked investment plan that helps you create your own financial future by offering you the flexibility and control over your money.

Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan
The Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan is the only plan of its kind that allows you to enjoy returns even beyond maturity.

Kotak Endowment Plan
Kotak Endowment Plan is a participating endowment plan that provides you an avenue for long term regular investments to accumulate a lump sum on maturity.

Kotak Platinum Advantage Plus
You've lived life on your own terms; always done what you've believed in. You are used to having the luxury of choice and the power to control.

Kotak Safe Investment Plan
Kotak Safe Investment plan is the ideal investment plan for you with its unique “Seal of Guarantee” offer that not just gives you the best of bull markets but also eliminates any capital loss in falling markets.

Kotak Easy Growth Plan
Kotak Easy Growth plan, a single premium investment plan that generates value for you for whole life as well as provides protection to your family in case of unforeseen events.

Kotak Money Back Plan
This plan offers the key benefit of cash lump sums at periodic intervals of five years ensuring that you are able to meet any of your financial obligations.

Kotak Premium Return Plan
The premium Return Plan will get you the dual benefit of a risk cover and savings, with minimal paperwork and procedures.

Kotak Surakshit Jeevan
Kotak Surakshit Jeevan, an enhanced protection and long-term savings plan, makes sure your family remains financially independent even if you are not around.

The road to retirement, Make it easy.

Kotak Second Innings Plan
Kotak Second Innings Plan is a retirement solution that ensures maximum allocation of your premiums.

Kotak Retirement Income (Unit Linked)
Kotak Retirement Income Plan is an ideal retirement solution that gives you complete flexibility and peace of mind, not only while you save for your retirement but also after you retire.

Kotak Long Life Wealth Plus
Kotak Long Life Wealth Plus is an intelligent investment plan that helps you builds your future net worth with power-packed features that actively monitor and manage your investment growth.

Kotak Secure Retirement Plan
An ideal retirement solution is one that gives you complete flexibility and peace of mind, not only while you save for your retirement but also after you retire.

Kotak Long Life Secure Plus Kotak Long Life Secure Plus is a unit-linked plan that ensures your investment gives maximum protection to secure your family's future and their financial independence.

Kotak Retirement Income Plan
The Kotak Retirement Income Plan is a savings plan designed to meet your post-retirement needs. It is a plan that gives you "Jeene ki azaadi".

Plan a good future for your child.

Kotak Headstart Child Plans
The headstart child plans are specially tailored, cost effective plans that aim to give your children the financial means to pursue his or her dreams

Kotak Child Advantage Plan
The Kotak Child Advantage Plan is an investment plan designed to meet your child's future financial needs.
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