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Outbound travel from India

posted on 06/27/2013

With the growing number of Indians traveling outbound, the tourism market in India is gearing up with several international tourism boards aggressively reaching out to the Indian middle class. There has been an increase in the number of direct flights from several overseas destinations and is one of many steps being taken to encourage outbound tourism in India.

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Indian Mediclaim insurance with pre-existing coverage

posted on 04/29/2013

In India the awareness about individual health insurance is growing and many first time buyers, especially older people are in a dilemma regarding which policy to buy if they have a pre-existing medical ailment.

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Single and Multi trip TATA AIG travel insurance

posted on 04/29/2013

Travelling abroad will be safer and more secure when you have proper insurance coverage. Overseas travel insurance for Indians designed by TATA AIG is one of the best insurance coverage to get financial assistance during medical emergency abroad. The coverage details of TATA AIG travel insurance are below. Refer and choose the plan that can best suit your requirements.

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Overseas Medical Insurance for Indians

posted on 04/10/2013

We have witnessed tremendous advancement and implementation of technology in the health care sector in India. There are hospitals in India which are internationally popular for their specialization.

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Health Care prices in India

posted on 04/10/2013

Indian health care costs have increased hugely over the years with medical inflation rising higher than the already high regular inflation. This along with increasing number of multi-speciality hospitals in the country makes healthcare unaffordable for most Indians unless they have adequate medical insurance.

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Top holiday destinations within and outside India in Asia

posted on 04/09/2013

The Asian continent is the largest in the world and there is much to see and do for holiday goers. The top destinations we have mentioned here represent the continentís diversity.

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Overseas mediclaim insurance coverage details

posted on 04/01/2013

Travellers looking for overseas travel insurance coverage have many different policies available offered by reputed insurance companies. The benefits offered can be the similar by different plans but the coverage specific amounts can vary from insurer to insurer.

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Tips to choose the best travel insurance policy

posted on 03/29/2013

Travelling abroad requires good travel insurance coverage. This is true for all travellers but the challenge is to choose the best travel insurance coverage? There are insurance plans available with different types of coverage for Indian travellers going abroad for a short stay overseas. Though you may not actually use the travel insurance policy every time it is unwise to travel to a foreign country uninsured.

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Health insurance smart card in India
posted on 03/28/2013

The Indian insurers are soon going to upgrade for smart card based approval system. This could save lot of crucial time which is usually lost during cashless hospital admissions.

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India is one of the major health destinations in the world
posted on 03/27/2013

Medical tourism in India has evolved over the years and has opened a lot of economic opportunities for businessmen and investors from India and abroad. We have seen Indians traveling overseas for medical treatment and of late the trends is being reciprocated where India is now receiving visitors from overseas coming to access health care in India.

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Overseas vacation tips for Indian travellers
posted on 03/25/2013

Summer holidays is arriving soon and people from India planning an overseas vacation can refer to the travel tips mentioned below. Plan your holiday to one of the top locations with your loved ones and spend quality time. Choose the destination, activities or adventure you want to do while abroad and plan your itinerary well in advance along with room reservations at hotel/cruise/resort.

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