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Cholamandalam Travel Insurance, Chola travel insurance

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  • While you are visiting a foreign country purchase this insurance to get reliable health insurance coverage. Chola travel insurance policies provide coverage for a wide range of risks that a traveler might encounter while abroad.

    Travelers can choose among different types of plans under this insurance policy and select the best plan that suit their requirements. Select any of the plan online and have a peaceful journey to a foreign country least worried about financial shortcomings in case of a medical emergency. It is one of the few Indian travel insurance plans that offer coverage for babies as young as 3 months old.

    The medical benefits under this insurance policy are available as $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000. It is one of the few Indian travel insurance plans that does not have any sub-limits up to the age of 60 years. As per the travel destination, travelers can choose any of the flexible plans under this insurance. Travelers can expect a continuous 360 days of coverage and also there is an option to pay only for the number days you are traveling under Chola travel insurance for a selected age group. There are different modes of payment to pay the premium cost of Cholamandalam travel insurance policy. This insurance has unique advantages over other insurance plans in that there are no sub-limits which is the norm in most other travel insurance plans.
    Some of the key advantages of the Chola MS Student Travel Insurance package are:

    Eligible age & trip duration:
    3 months to 60 years: up to 360 days
    61 - 70 years: up to 180 days
    No sub-limits till the age of 70
    Extension option of 180 days

    It has no medical expenses sub limits till the age of 60. (It is a Comprehensive plan)

    Cashless outpatient bill settlement for more than $400 if intimated to TPA prior to billing

    Per day rates
    Pay only for the number of days you want insurance coverage

    No medical check
    up up to the age of 65 years

    Note: Asia Pacific includes Australia, New Zealand & Asia(except Japan)

    Door-to-door Cover
    You are covered from the time you leave home, right up to the time you return back. This includes any eventuality that may occur on the way from your home to the airport while leaving for the trip, or from the airport to home on the return trip.

    Multi-Purpose Cover
    Addresses all needs - be it a trip for holiday or for business or for any other personal reasons.

    Individual cover for your family members
    You can get the Chola MS travel insurance cover for right from your young kids (as young as 3 months) to the elders in your family (as old as 80 years) under this policy. No medical check-up is required for people up to 65 years of age.

    Senior Citizens Cover
    The elderly members of your family can be covered under the Chola MS Senior Citizen Travel Insurance package.

    Pay as per your requirement
    Chola travel insurance has plans for per-day rate, which means that you pay for the exact duration of your trip, and do not waste money paying on any slab-based premium rate.

    Plan Options
    Silver Cover: A simple cost-effective plan
    Gold Cover: A comprehensive, value for money offering
    Benefits Silver Gold Deductible
    Medical Cover
    (Emergency evacuation included)
    $ 50,000 / $ 100,000 $100,000 / $ 250,000 $ 100
    Repatriation of Remains
    (within the overall medical limit)
    $ 7500 $ 7500 N/A
    Dental Treatment $ 250 $ 250 $ 50
    Checked Baggage Loss $ 250 $ 1000 ($ 500 for Med SI 100K) N/A
    Checked Baggage Delay $ 100 $ 100 12 Hrs
    Passport Loss $ 150 $ 250 $ 30
    Personal Accident-Overseas $ 10,000 $ 25,000 ( $ 10,000 for Med SI 100k ) N/A
    Personal Accident - Domestic INR 100,000 INR 250,000 N/A
    Personal Liability $ 100,000 $ 100,000 N/A
    Hijack Relief Benefit
    ( $100 / day: max 7 days)
    $ 700 $ 700 12 Hrs
    Hospital Daily Cash
    ( $ 25 / day; max 14 days )
    N/A $ 350 N/A
    Financial Emergency N/A $ 250 N/A
    Trip Cancellation N/A $500 $50
    Trip Curtailment N/A $500 $50
    Trip Delay
    (10 per 12 hrs; max $ 150)
    N/A $ 150 12Hrs
    International Driving License Loss N/A $ 100 $ 25
    Home Burglary
    (Contents First Loss Basis )
    N/A INR 200,000 INR 250
    Trip Cancellation
    Compensation for non-refundable expenses on cancellation of tickets, hotel bookings & scheduled tours if trip is cancelled prior to the commencement.

    Trip Curtailment
    Compensation for non-refundable expenses on cancellation of tickets, hotel bookings & scheduled tours if trip is curtailed after the commencement.

    Trip Delay
    Compensation towards expenses for meals & lodging in the event of trip delay, in excess of 12 hrs, wherein the airline has not provided for the same.

    Home Burglary
    Compensation on a first loss basis towards the loss of or damage to the contents at home, whilst you are abroad.

    International Driving License Loss
    International Driving License Loss covers indemnification towards duplicate / fresh issuance expenses.
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