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Exide Life Investment Insurance Plans

Exide Life Insurance Company offers a range of Investment plans to its customers to meet all their savings and protection related needs.
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Exide Life insurance review

Exide Life Insurance plans
Distribution - Number of branches pan India (March 2019)
Entry Age Minimum/Maximum (Years) - Term Plans
Sum Assured Minimum / Maximum - Term Plans
15 lacs / as per T&C
Policy Term Minimum / Maximum (Years) - Terms Plans
Solvency Ratio (FY 2018-19) *
Number of Policies Sold (Ind+Group) *
Number of Lives Covered (Ind+Group) **
Claims Settlement Ratio (Ind+Group) ***
* - As per IRDAI data 2018-19 - The solvency ratio of an insurance company is the size of its capital relative to all the risk it has taken, which is all liabilities subtracted from total assets. In other words, solvency is a measurement of how much the company has in assets versus how much it owes
** - as per L-25 Public Disclosure of Insurance Companies for 2019-20  |  *** - Claims Settlement Ratio = Claims Settled in the year / Claims Reported in the year - as per IRDAI data published

Other Investment Plans from this provider are

Exide Life Saral Jeevan is a life insurance cum savings plan that assists you to save your hard-earned money and get guaranteed sum assured at the end of the policy tenure.
Saral Bachat offers you insurance coverage throughout the policy tenure and builds up a corpus on maturity.
This is a Non-Linked Non-Participating Life Insurance Plan. This is a unique life insurance cum savings plan that gives you a choice to receive guaranteed income payouts at defined time intervals that best suit your needs.
Exide Life Secured Income Insurance is a participating and non linked life insurance Policy.
Exide Life Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan is a traditional savings plan which gives the triple benefit of savings, regular incomes and life insurance coverage.
Exide Life Wealth Maxima Plan is a and investment protection plan, wherein the policyholder gets guaranteed money at the time of maturity and the beneficiary gets sum assured, in case of death of the policyholder.
Exide Life Assured Gain Plus is a traditional life insurance plan which provides financial safety for the future through wealth accumulation and life insurance coverage.
This is a Single Premium Investment Insurance Plan that offers you an option to pay a onetime lump-sum amount and flexibility to choose a maximum life insurance cover of 10 times the single premium.
Exide Life Wealth Elite Plan is a term insurance plan that offers comprehensive life insurance cover for full policy term and also returns 100% of the total premiums paid on completion of the policy term.
Exide Life Sampoorna Jeevan is a unique Life Insurance cum savings plan, which not only provides life insurance cover till age 75 or 100 years but also gives you the power to customize the payouts to suit your changing life stage financial needs. Exide Life Sampoorna Jeevan is a plan that stays with you, through life.
Exide Life New Fulfilling Life is a comprehensive plan that will help you fulfill all your responsibilities with regular money back for your intermediate needs, tax free wealth and life cover for a long period.

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