Health Care prices in India

Indian health care costs have increased hugely over the years with medical inflation rising higher than the already high regular inflation. This along with increasing number of multi-speciality hospitals in the country makes healthcare unaffordable for most Indians unless they have adequate medical insurance. The services offered at these hospitals are at international standards however the costs are high as well. The high cost health care services in India are posing a huge financial burden on families. Mediclaim insurance policies have become essential for everyone to pay medical bills in case of an unexpected medical emergency.
The government of India is considering variety of financial and delivery options to universalize health care services and minimize the costs. Necessary health services required to deliver good quality care are defined by the Indian Public Health Standards. Currently it is a mix of public and private hospitals serving the people of India. Indian health insurance policies designed by country’s top insurance companies have different types of coverage for individuals and families who would have varying requirements of treatment or medical benefits at Indian hospitals.

The hospitals in India which are known for their multi-speciality treatments for domestic and international patients are never cheap. For international patients the prices are affordable when compared to other advanced countries but for Indian patients it is expensive. Health insurance policies is the only option to pay medical bills in case of unexpected medical emergency situations. Indian insurance companies have understood the common benefits expected by Indians under mediclaim insurance policies and have designed unique products for Indian customers.

Hospitals cannot be singularly blamed for high expenses given the mandate for medium sized hospitals with 25 beds or more and central air-conditioned to pay service tax. Automatically the health care costs in these hospitals goes up and this is transferred the patients. There are few hospitals which may waive these taxes for patient superficially but the bill is no less. Paying health care costs out of your pocket can cause financial difficulty even for upper middle class Indian. The solution is to have adequate mediclaim insurance and buying effective coverage is always a wise choice for Indians.

The burden of paying health care expenses is minimized by the insurance companies for the policy holders. An insured will have a less stressful mind in case of an emergency since at least the financial burden will be lessened. There are many insurers in India and at Eindiainsurance customers can get free quotes online and compare mediclaim insurance policies. The plan selected can be purchased following the steps as outlined by the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. There are few health insurance policies which can be bought online and some policies need medical check-up and can only be bought online. The customer support team at will answer the health insurance related queries for customers.

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