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Medical tourism in India has evolved over the years and has opened a lot of economic opportunities for businessmen and investors from India and abroad. We have seen Indians traveling overseas for medical treatment and of late the trends is being reciprocated where India is now receiving visitors from overseas coming to access health care in India. There are a lot of people who would club their medical treatment and vacation in India and visit for a short period.
The advanced health care services in India is sandwiched with opportunities to explore exotic destinations and promoted by tour operators for medical tourists. This avenue is said to have up to 1 billion dollars annual income and more than 40 million job opportunities in India. The reason for some of the foreigners choosing to travel to India for medical treatment can be because of the affordability compared to any countries in the world.

Though there is a statistical overview that people travel to India because of low cost treatment and medicines but there is no compromise on the quality of medical services. The services offered in India can compete even the most developed nations in the world. Some of the medical treatments that have acclaimed popularity in the world are cosmetic surgery, dentistry, joint care and heart surgery. The most exciting thing is patients are getting these treatments at 1/10th of the price compared to developed nations.

If we have to take few examples a bone marrow transplant can cost $250,000 in the USA and can be $25,000 in India. However, there some treatments and surgeries that Indians will also find cheaper and better in the USA and they would travel from India for medical treatment in America. Another example is medical check-up, blood tests and X-rays could be availed at $570 in London which is available in most Indian diagnostics canters at just $84. The pricing of health care costs in different countries could be much costlier when compared to India which is why it is driving a lot of medical tourists these days.

Medical tourists planning to visit India for their vacation cum medical treatment can plan their itinerary and schedule appointments online before leaving home country. The internet has made things easy for both health care industry officials and medical tourists access and share information quickly. Besides online information there are also medical tourism organizers at your home country or in India whom you can contact and get travel packages to book hotel rooms and hospital appointments online.

Added to the health care costs we can call Indian hospitality services also gives low cost travel and accommodation services for tourists from abroad. Another fact that makes Indian popular for medical tourism is because the country is traditionally regarded as health conscious. There is no denial on the fact that more than 95,000 international patients are treated at Apollo Group of Hospitals. However while world class health care facilities are now available in India, it has made health care expensive for many Indians. In this situation, it is now prudent and even a necessity for Indians to purchase health insurance. The health care industry and Indian health insurance companies have grown in numbers and quality over the years. India insurance providers now offer excellent health insurance options for Indian citizens.

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