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National health services (NHS) and the need for Indian travel insurance in the UK

The National health services, popularly known as NHS is the main health service in the UK, This covers UK residents for all medical expenses and healthcare treatment. International travelers including Indians travelling to the UK are not eligible for medical expenses coverage offered by NHS. It is therefore strongly recommended that Indian tourists buy Indian travel insurance for the UK to insure their emergency medical expenses while visiting the United Kingdom.
Travel insurance for visiting UK

International travel health insurance for visiting UK from India

Travelling overseas can be enjoyable if planned in an effective way. In UK where the cost of living, health care cost and other expenses is extremely high and any emergency situation can lead to huge financial crisis. Buying the best travel insurance from India for travelling to UK can help you help you have hassle free trip. Indians visit UK for few days, weeks or up to many months and Indians must ensure that they have adequate overseas mediclaim insurance for the entire period of stay. As travellers are exposed to a different environment, there are high chances of unexpected sickness or any sort of sudden travel emergency like trip delay, passport loss, baggage loss or delay. Don’t worry! the international travel insurance for visitors from India to UK would cover most of the expenses arising from exigencies. Parents and Senior citizen travellers from India are more prone to medical and trip risks and they cannot risk travelling to UK without good and suitable travel insurance from India. Also majority of these travellers who have an existing ailment can buy coverage for pre-existing medical conditions suitable for them.
The United Kingdom(UK) that comprises England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland has always been one of the most popular destination countries for an Indian Traveller. With so many wonderful sights and historical places to visit, a trip to UK can never have a dull moment in it. The Indian visitors have been growing every significantly over the years and in 2017 there were 5,62,000 Indian tourists who visited UK according to the data published by the Visit Britain website. This is a massive 35% growth over 2016 which clearly illustrates how popular UK is getting as a favoured tourist destination for the Indian traveller.
uk travel insurance
There are some other interesting data shared on the Indian traveller by the website in its study, which is tabled below.

uk travel insurance
Just some key takeaways include:
  • Almost one third of the visitors stay in UK for more than 15 days and this is likely to be between 69-90 days.
  • While 35% travel to UK on holiday as tourists, 34% are also there to visit family and friends
  • Almost 60% of the Indian travellers are between the ages of 25-54 years old. 65% are male and 35% female travellers.
  • The most preferred time of travel is the April-June quarter given the Indian holiday season and also the fact that it will be Spring/Summer in the UK and the temperatures will be moderate.
It is important to note that eventhough the cost of medical treatment in the UK is not as costly as it is in the US, there is a significant difference when compared to India. According to Indian Medical Tourism data, tabled below, it is clearly demonstrated that the Indian traveller must insure themselves with travel health insurance for UK to ensure they are not placed in any financial difficulties when hit with an unexpected serious illness/hospitalisation.
Best UK Travel insurance for Indian tourist
There are many insurance plan options that a traveller can choose from for their trip to UK. The first and most important fact to be considered is the cost of healthcare in UK. After USA, the UK is one of the countries where the healthcare costs are relatively very high for an Indian traveller. This is demonstrated in the table below.
Procedure UK ($) Approx India ($) Approx India ₹ INR
Open Heart Surgery /Bypass Surgery $24,000 $8,000 5,60,000
Facial Surgery and Skull base $13,000 $4,500 3,15,000
Neurosurgery with Hypothermia $21,000 $6,800 4,76,000
Complex spine surgery with implants $13,000 $4,600 3,22,000
Hip Replacement $13,000 $4,500 3,15,000
Simple Spine Surgery $6500 $2,300 1,61,000
Simple Brain Tumor:  
Biopsy $4,300 $1,200 84,000
Surgery $10,000 $4,600 3,22,000

This makes it critical and highly recommended that all travellers travel to UK with an insurance plan at all costs. Given the current exchange rates of the GBP (£) against INR (₹), it is advisable that the insured has a sum insured of atleast $250,000 to $500,000.

The Indian insurers today offer comprehensive travel medical insurance UK plans. UK visitor insurance coverage include Accident & Sickness, Dental Cover, Medical Evacuation and Person Accident among the Medical coverages and Loss of Baggage/Passport, Trip Cancellation/Curtailment among the Non Medical covers. These are offered at very competitive premiums as well when compared to purchasing an inbound insurance policy from a UK based insurance company.

Illustration : Premium for a 35/61 year old person travelling to UK for 60 days:

Insurance Plan Sum Insured for Accident & Sickness in USD $ Sum Insured for Accident & Sickness in INR Age 35 years - Premium payable in INR Age 61 years - Premium payable in INR ₹
Plan 1 $250,000 Rs. 1,75,00,000 2,514 6,665
Plan 2 $500,000 Rs. 3,50,00,000 3,380 7,999
Plan 3 $500,000 Rs. 3,50,00,000 6,221 10,404

Don’t forget to pack your insurance policy the next time you travel.
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Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance


One of the most important financial securities a traveller can avail for visitors while going abroad is insurance coverage. In the critical event of hospitalization or emergency medical treatment or any non medical emergency, travel/health insurance will come to the immediate assistance of the traveller. There are visitors insurance plans designed by Indian insurance companies for travellers staying abroad even for a short stay. Compare free quotes and buy visitors insurance online.



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