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There is no ideal age to go ahead and buy one’s first health insurance policy, but definitely it is more beneficial and economical to buy one’s health insurance policy at the earliest possible age. The reasons are fairly straightforward:

  • The premium is dependent primarily on the age of the insured. The higher the age, the higher the premium…so one must buy their health insurance policy at the earliest. Even if the insured cannot afford a high sum insured initially, they can always enhance the SI in subsequent years by paying additional premium when they can afford it.
  • With advancing age, the insured is likely to contract various illnesses/diseases and this could result in reducing the scope of cover given that pre existing medical conditions will not be covered for 48 month under a fresh policy. Lifestyle diseases like Hypertension (BP) and Diabetes are examples of what insureds can contract with advancing age
  • When one does not have the financial means to buy a full blown coverage given the premium, they could end up buying a policy with a very low sum insured which may not be effective enough at the time of a claim. Hence buying a policy at an earlier age could ensure optimum coverage given the insured’s financial standing.
  • While younger people are generally employed, they also believe that since they are covered by the employer’s health insurance plan, they need not buy a policy. But it is important to understand that even if one is covered by the employer’s group policy, it is critical for them to buy an individual plan because they could shift jobs or leave their employer or the employer’s plan could have a limited sum insured.
Hence in summary, it is important for individuals to purchase their health insurance policy at the earliest possible opportunity. If one has a family, one must go ahead and insure all of them under a family floater plan.

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