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bajaj Insurance Plans Bajaj Allianz pet dog insurance

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Entry Age: 3 months onwards till age of 4 years for Giant breeds and 7 years for Small, Medium and Large breeds
  • Exit Age: 10 years for Small, Medium and Large breeds and till the age of 6 years for Giant breeds
  • Classification of pet dog into Small, Medium, Large and Giant as per breeds'
  • Pets of Indigenous Origin, Cross-bred, Pedigree, Non-Pedigree and Exotic breeds are covered under the policy
  • This policy can only be issued only for domesticated pet dogs and not to dog breeders
  • Pet Dog needs to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, adeno virus, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, corona and parvovirus at time of buying the policy and throughout the policy period

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance review

Sum Insured

3 lacs − 50 lacs options available

Claims settlement ratio **


Incurred claims ratio


Number of policies issued *


Number of lives covered *


* As per IRDAI report for 2018-19   |   ** As per NL25 data published on the Insurance Company website

Bajaj Allianz Travel Elite Platinum Benefits

  • Special Conditions ( Small/Medium/Large Breeds):

    In case of a fresh proposal of cover for a dog over the age of 4 years, any of the below options:
    • Pre-Policy Medical Test Required (Bio-chemistry test, Circulatory blood count, urine test and chest Xray)
    • No cover for the initial 90 days of the policy period from the date of inception of the policy for any of the illnesses listed in Annexure-I in policy wording under Surgery & Hospitalization Cover, Terminal Diseases Cover, Long Term Care Cover, OPD Cover and Mortality benefit Cover.
  • Waiting Periods for Fresh Proposals:

    In case of a fresh proposal of cover for a dog over the age of 4 years, any of the below options:
    • 30 days for any Claim for illnesses under any of Surgery & Hospitalization Cover, Terminal Diseases Cover, Long Term Care Cover, OPD Cover and Mortality benefit Cover
    • 90 days for any claim under Theft / Lost / Straying Cover
    • No waiting periods are applicable on any claim under Third Party Liability Cover and any claim arising due to an accident.
  • Documents to be Collected at Policy Issuance:

    • Duly filled Proposal Form (If policy issued through Core)
    • Color Photos from all sides (With newspaper of Proposal date in same frame) or Color Photo of RFID tag with the Identification Number visible
    • Diagnostics Test Results if customer opts for all Medial test option in case the age of the dog is above 4 years
    • Purchase Proof (in case of SI above max price as per pricing matrix grid has been selected by the Insured)
    • Pedigree Certificate (in case customer has selected dog to be of pedigree lineage)
  • Documents to be Collected at Policy Issuance:

    • Call our customer care number and register the claim
    • Customer Care would ask for the details regarding the claim as well as supporting documents. Please refer to the policy wordings for the detailed list of supporting documents required
    • Once these documents are provided this, our internal Claims Team will scrutinize the claim and determine admissibility
    • If approved, NEFT details are collected from customer
    • Claim Paid
  • Summary of Covers, Sum Insured and Average Premium:

    Cover Includes Nature of Cover Sum Insured Average Premium Excluding GST (Rs.)
    Surgery & Hospitalization Surgery, Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery expenses Indemnity Rs. 50000 552
    Hospitalization Rs. 2500 per day for Max 4 days
    Fracture Care Rs. 5000
    Mortality Benet Death due to illness, Accident, Euthanasia (with vet approval) Benefit Rs. 20000 852
    Cremation, burial and disposal of the carcass Rs. 3000
    Terminal Diseases If dog is diagnosed with specied terminal diseases** Benefit Rs. 30000 667
    Long Term Care If dog is diagnosed with specied diseases requiring long term care** Benefit Rs. 25000 1284
    OPD For treatment of specic illnesses by vet** Indemnity Rs. 30000 852
    Third Party Liability Legal Liability due to bodily injury, death or property damage of third party by dog Indemnity Rs. 500000 769
    Legal Liability for defending a third party claim
    Theft/Lost/Straying If dog is lost/stolen/strayed and no recovery for 45 days Benefit Rs. 20000 485
    Advertisement or other expenses for recovery of pet Rs. 1000
      Total     5461

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