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Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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Indian travel insurance FAQ

Travel insurance in Indiaprovides coverage for medical expenses incurred overseas for any treatment received as an inpatient or outpatient. All plans also cover trip related exigencies like trip delays, trip interruptions, trip cancellations and related problems that may arise during your trip. Some plans also provide services such as travel-related advice, Medically required Evacuation to your home in India or a hospital overseas for continued medical treatment. Other assistance services include providing emergency cash or help in the event of the loss or theft of your money, valuables or travel documents.

You have an option to compare differenttravel insurancepolicies online in E India Insurance and then choose the cheaper one according to your requirements. As an insured, please note that "cheap" may also mean limited insurance coverage. So kindly evaluate and decide the cover requirement based on your age, destination and duration of travel and then look for the most affordable option.

Buying travel insurance online is easy. All you need to do is, follow the instructions on our website, enter your personal details and buy using your credit card. The purchase is done on a secure page, and your credit card information is safe.

The insurance can be purchased from anywhere across the globe as long as the traveler is still in India. A son or daughter sitting in the United States or the United Kingdom can purchase insurance for their parents who are traveling from India.

All the relevant details about the policy is available online, so you can make an informed decision while purchasing the plan, and not depend on the decision of your travel agent or insurance agent.

Buying business insurance online saves time as it is convenient and can be completed in a matter of minutes without any paperwork. Purchasing online is environmentally friendly as there is no paperwork involved.

You can also use thecompare travel insurancetool, where you can compare travel insurance policies offered by several companies under one roof and buy the policy you like.

No, you do not pay anything additional. You pay only for the cost of the insurance policy. Our online facility provides the best prices; you cannot get a lower price for the same product anywhere else.

You can always save money by comparing quotes of different insurance policies. There are many insurance companies offering attractive policies, you can compare the different plans using ourIndian travel insurance comparisonfacility. Select the policy suitable to your budget and requirements. If you travel overseas regularly then the annual multi-trip policy probably works best.

You can purchase using either credit card, debit card or cheque on our website.

No, there is no such requirement to getting medical test fortravel insurance. Some companies might ask for medical tests for travellers more than seventy years for higher coverage. Coverage often to fifteen thousand dollars is provided without medical tests.

For most of the travel policies offered on our website, there is no need for providing medical records. If medical records are required then it’s clearly mentioned.

You will receive the policy document by email and a hard copy of the same document will also be sent to your Indian address by courier.

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