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As a saying goes, health is wealth! Good health is always important to pursue your interests and achieve your goals. However life is unpredictable and unfortunately poor health can land you in hospitals. The health care costs today is getting more expensive and you need adequate insurance coverage from reputed insurance companies like tata aig health insurance. There are specially designed plans offered by Tata aig health insurance for parents and elderly or senior citizens. Customers can get information regarding Tata AIG health insurance and the corresponding network of hospitals and choose the right plan to suit their individual requirements.

If you are living outside India with your parents living in India you can get quotes online and facilitate the purchase of Tata aig health insurance for your parents remotely. You can complete a simple online application and get free quotes of Tata aig health insurance. The Tata AIG health insurance claim form is also available online for customers. Contact our insurance experts for more details on tata health insurance.

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TATA AIG’s Wellsurance is an exciting health insurance product which works very well in complementing other health insurance products. A customer can already have a regular health insurance product and still purchase the TATA AIG Wellsurance policy and benefit fully from it.

Select wellsurance plans from the below list and proceed for buying. The plan brochures of wellsurance policies will help customers to understand the coverage details.
  1. Wellsurance Executive: Health Insurance plan for any individuals
  2. Wellsurance Women: A Unique Health Insurance plan for Womens
  3. Wellsurance Family: Family floater health insurance for the whole family

Health insurance FAQ's

One can buy the policy online using the credit/debit card or we can send an executive to your convenient place and you can sign up filling the proposal form and providing a cheque payable to the insurance company only.
Co-pay is that part of your Hospital bill amount, which you have to bear for applicants over 60 years. Co-pay can Be up-to 20-30%
Normally insurers offer no claim bonus in the form of enhanced Sum Insured.
There is no restriction for repetitive claims for hospitalization including its pre and post expenses provided the coverage amount is available.
On cancellation the cover will not exist from the date of cancellation. Also as elaborated in your policy, the premium will be refunded to you on the basis of short period cancellation rate.
Yes, it is a mandatory for individuals or family members who are more than a certain age (usually 45, varies from company to company) to submit medical test report depending on the company regulations.
At the time of applying for the policy for the first time if there is any disease for any applicant this is known as Pre-existing diseases.
Yes. Few companies do cover for maternity after a waiting period around 2-4years.


What is Health Insurance?
Health insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance company to cover for medical emergencies that we consider ‘accidental and sudden’. The insured is expected to pay a specific premium amount regularly to utilize coverage benefits. Premiums are fixed not based on one’s income but on an assessment of risk status and coverage benefits.
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