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Reliance Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy

The construction industry is laden with a variety of risks. There is no telling when accidents leading to injuries and damages to property can happen. The impact of these perils take a heavy toll on the investments of the contractors and also threatens to bring the projects to a grinding halt. To avert the huge financial losses the contractors suffer under such circumstances, we bring to you the Reliance Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy.

Key Benefits
  • Continuous comprehensive cover offering protection to the insured in any contingency during construction period
  • Option for the Insured to choose specific additional coverage such as removal of debris, express freight, covering insured's surrounding property, third party liability etc
  • Flexibility for the Insured to assign limits for additional coverages

Contractor's Plant and Machinery Policy

Construction equipments like fork lift trucks, compressors, bulldozers, pile driving devices, drilling machines etc need comprehensive protection since the risks associated with damages to such equipments can affect the day-to-day operations of the construction projects, resulting in the contractors having to endure enormous financial burden due to repair and replacement costs. The Reliance Contractor's Plant and Machinery Policy lends a helping land when any such misfortune occurs.

Machinery Loss of Profits Insurance Policy

Breakdown and Failure to the critical machinery, boilers or pressure vessels in any industrial or manufacturing unit can threaten to interrupt the regular operations and jeopardize revenue streams. Reduced turnover along with the additional costs towards ensuring continuity of business are pertinent risks that need to be provided adequate protection. For this purpose, Reliance General Insurance presents its Machinery Loss of Profits Insurance Policy, which covers business losses arising out of unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage to machinery.

Key Benefits
  • Specialized product covering financial losses consequent upon breakdown or failure of important machinery
  • Offers exhaustive coverage along with the machinery breakdown policy for all risks associated with boilers, pressure plants and industrial machinery
  • Extensions available to cover wages and auditor fees

Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance Policy

Boilers and Pressure Vessels are highly critical components of manufacturing and industrial units. Any damage to these vessels could have devastating effects in the form of their explosion or collapse. The impact from such events could assume cataclysmic proportions, both in terms of the lives that it can affect and the financial losses that it can cause. We understand the far reaching consequences of these perils and our Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance Policy can come to your rescue and ensure that if such unfortunate situations arise, your business is up and running as soon as possible.

Key Benefits
  • Extensive coverage to the risks associated with boilers and pressure plants
  • A host of extensions available such as damage to surrounding property, third party liability, express freight, air freight, additional customs duty etc
  • Flexibility for the Insured to choose the coverage limits for the extensions

Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

Today electronic equipment is a part and parcel of all businesses, whether big or small. From computers to medical devices, industrial equipments to electronic cash registers, companies all over the world are increasingly relying on the latest technology as a backbone to aid their day-to-day operations. It becomes imperative to cover these equipments against the perils that they are exposed to, so as to ensure the continuity of your business and safeguard your investments. The Reliance Electronic Equipment Policy is the ideal solution for such an insurance need, providing coverage for unforeseen physical loss or damage to your equipments.

Key Benefits
  • Specialized product providing extensive coverage under three sections
  • Covers material Damage of Equipment, both in terms of partial and total loss
  • Expenses incurred on restoration of data covered
  • Ensures business continuity by covering additional costs for continued data processing

Machinery Insurance Policy

Machinery forms an integral part of any manufacturing or industrial set-up. Breakdown of critical machines have a significant impact on your business, not only in terms of the heavy expenses towards repair and replacements, but also the financial losses that you might have to bear during downtime. We help companies protect their assets and safeguard their revenue streams with the help of the Reliance Machinery Insurance Policy.

Key Benefits
  • Covers various types of machinery, plant and equipment, both electrical and mechanical against unforeseen or sudden physical damage of the insured machinery due to breakdown
  • Option to cover only selected machinery under the Policy
  • Provides coverage for machinery at various locations by specifically mentioning the equipments at each location.
  • Policy can be taken by the owner or by the financiers of the machinery.
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