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Tata AIG Travel Insurance for Parents and Senior Citizens

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TATA AIG parents travel insurance features

  • Available upto 99 years of age
  • Option of coverage without any sub-limits
  • Pre-existing condition coverage under life threatening situation.

Parents visitors insurance from Tata AIG

Many Indians living overseas have their parents and senior citizens visiting them for periods ranging from a few weeks to few months. Parents are unfortunately prone to travel risks as they are in a different environment. They may suddenly fall sick or have an injury due to accident. These situations may result in hospitalization and in foreign countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Schengen countries and other European or Asian countries where medical care while sophisticated is also very expensive. Cost of treating Indian parents after a mishap can be very expensive resulting in a nightmare. Buying good travel insurance for Parents from India from Tata AIG is essential and important. Tata AIG’s Travel Guard Insurance for parents is popular is among Indian travelers mainly senior citizens as it offers adequate coverage of $50,000 overseas. Tata AIG parents visitors insurance coverage for pre-existing medical ailments under life threatening conditions is available up to $1,500. Tata AIG international travel insurance for parents helps them have a hassle free trip!
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Benefits of TATA AIG parents visitors Insurance

Senior Plan Deductible
Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses Benefits ?
50,000 100
AD& D (24 Hrs)?
10,000 -
Emergency Medical Evacuation ?
Included under the benefit limit of accident & Sickness medical expense reimbursement -
Repatriation of Remains ?
Included under the benefit limit of accident & Sickness medical expense reimbursement -
Checked Baggage Loss Benefit ?
- 500
Baggage Delay Benefit ?
50 After first 12 hours
Loss of Passport ?
250 30
Personal Liability ?
100,000 200
Emergency Cash Advance ?
500 -
**Option of buying the policy without medical sublimits for the age above 56 years
Senior Citizens (70+ years ) can buy travel medical insurance up to maximum 180 days
Senior Citizens insurance is renewable with no claims and a good health declaration if the total number of travel days does not exceed 180 days.

Features of Tata AIG parents Travel Medical Insurance

  • Coverage of Medical Expenses Travel Guard takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling so that you can concentrate on better things like enjoying the holiday.
  • Checked Baggage Loss Compensation for the loss of checked in baggage.
  • Baggage delay Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas.
  • Loss of Passport Compensation for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.
  • Personal Liability Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.
  • Personal Accident TravelGuard gives you worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad anywhere in the world.

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Frequently asked questions for Tata AIG parents visitors travel insurance

  1. How much coverage is offered by Tata AIG for Indian parents with pre-existing conditions?
    The coverage for Pre Existing Conditions in Life Threatening situations is limited to $1,500 for Indian Parents availing Tata AIG’s travel insurance plans. Medical treatment solely designed to relieve acute pain, provided to the Insured by the Physician for Disease/Accident arising out of a pre-existing condition will be reimbursed uptothis limit specified in the policy. All further medical treatment costs to improve or maintain medically stable state of the insured or to prevent the onset of acute pain will have borne by the Insured.

  2. What is the maximum entry age for my parents to buy Tata AIG travel insurance?
    Tata AIG has two plans for parents who are traveling going abroad. Under Travel Guard’ standard International Plan coverage can be availed for for insureds upto 70 years of age (as on the date of travel). They also offer a Senior Citizen Plan which is available for insured parents beyond the age of 70 years and this plan does not have an upper age restriction and hence any traveler above the age of 70 years can purchase this plan. So depending on the age of the one’s parents, one can choose the appropriate plan from Tata AIG.

  3. Can I buy Tata AIG travel insurance for my parents after they have left India?
    No, travel insurance has to be purchased/availed by the insured traveler prior to their departure from India. However as a special case, if their departure from India is a few days prior to the requirement of travel insurance, a specific underwriting approval will need to taken from the insurance company after providing them a good health declaration and a nil claim declaration and subject to such an approval, an insurance policy insuring the parents can be bought.

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