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International health insurance for Indian student is available for any student between the ages of 16-40 (depending on the insurance company opted for) while travelling abroad to pursue their higher studies at a foreign College/University.
Today India student medical insurance coverage is available at competitive premiums primarily depending on i) Destination Country that the student is going to; ii) Duration of policy required (1 or 2 years) and iii) Sum Insured (coverage value) opted for. Student Insurance policies from India insurers are very competitively priced when compared to the insurance plans offered to the student by the College/University. (For example for a 25 year old student going to USA for higher studies for a period of 1 year (365 days), the insurance premium across multiple products from Indian insurance companies ranges from ₹26,000 to ₹44,000 for the whole trip – this is for a coverage of USD $500,000 which is around ₹3.40 cr for Accident & Sickness. If we take the average cost of 1 years fee to be around ₹8,00,000, then the insurance premium contribution is just 3.2%. These premiums will be even lower when the student is visiting any other country in Europe, UK, Australia, Asia etc.). It is important to note that apart from Accident & Sickness the plans also have many relevant benefits for students like Compassionate Visit, Sponsor Protection, Study Interruption, Cancer Screening & Mammography, Maternity Coverage etc. Students should ideally compare the Indian Insurance plans vis-à-vis what the College/University is offering before making a decision. Indian Insurance plans also offer cashless treatment if the student is seeking inpatient treatment for an accident or sickness. If the student is indeed travelling with an Indian Student insurance plan, and the College/University needs an Insurance waiver form to be submitted, the same can be provided by the India insurer. Hence it is strongly recommended that every student buys a student insurance policy before leaving India. India Student Travel Insurance is mandatory for every student travelling abroad for their higher studies. It is not permitted for any student to enrol in a College/University abroad without having an insurance coverage in place. The students have three options to purchase student insurance.
  • The most preferred method currently is to purchase the same from the College/University where they are joining as part of their overall educational expense.
  • The other option is to purchase a comparable and competitive student insurance plan from India, which is offered by multiple insurers. The Indian insurance plans also have a comprehensive range of coverages (both non medical and medical) which the student can compare and before opting for a suitable plan. Every student should understand from their College/University the Minimum Health Requirements of the institution and then explore insurance plans with comparable features from the Indian bouquet of student insurance options and then take an informed decision.
  • The Third Option is interesting and it involves offering an India Student insurance plan which does not have Accident & Sickness. Here the student can go ahead with purchasing the University Insurance option covering majorly Accident & Sickness and still but the India plan without Accident & Sickness, since this plan will have relevant Non Medical benefits like Compassionate Visit, Sponsor Protection, Study Interruption, Felonious Assault, Baggage Loss/ Baggage Delay, Passport Loss, Laptop Loss which can come to the aid of the Student at the time of such a loss.
The major advantage of Option 3 is as follows:
  1. Benefits are complementary to the Student Insurance plan offered by the University.
  2. Incremental Cost will be marginal given that there is no Accident & Sickness Cover.
  3. Coverage is also for the transit between India and the final destination and will cover any eventuality for the student.

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